Lithographic Printing

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Lithographic Printing

This is a traditional method of printing using vegetable-based ink and metal plates, best used for long-run jobs. The initial set up is time consuming which makes the process more expensive than digital for short runs. Once printing however, it is relatively inexpensive to increase the quantity required.

A benefit of lithographic printing is the ability to print with 'special' colours, for example gold, silver or your corporate brand colour instead of being restricted to the process colour range - CMYK.

Another benefit of lithographic printing is being able to print on textured papers and heavier cards up to 450gsm weight.

The good and the bad of this type of printing:

The Good

The Bad

  • Cheaper & faster than digital on long-runs
  • Ability to print 'special colours'
  • Best process for large areas of flat tints or solid colours
  • Able to print on textured paper &
    cards up to 450gsm
  • Expensive for short-runs - £60 per colour minimum
  • Time consuming set up & ink drying times
  • Generally can't provide a same day delivery service
  • Expensive to rectify errors once plates have been made



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Lorna Byrne - Raven Communications

I can always rely on West One Studios to provide printed materials of the best possible quality. I value their experience and trust them to suggest alternatives when they foresee a potential problem, or think there's a better way of doing something.

Brand Manager - Withers LLP

West One are not just my printer of choice but passionately guard the Withers brand as much as I do.

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