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Embossing is typically accomplished by applying pressure with male and female die, usually made of magnesium, copper or brass, that fit together and squeeze the fibres of the card or paper. This raises the level of the image higher than the material used. 

"Debossing" is similar to embossing, but recesses the design rather than raising it.
Most types of paper and card can be embossed, embossing without ink, so that the image is raised but not coloured, is called "blind embossing." Embossing used in conjunction with ink, so that the raised area is coloured, is called "colour register embossing."

Embossing involves a separate stage in the production process, after printing. It requires a separate press run, and is priced accordingly.


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Lorna Byrne - Raven Communications

I can always rely on West One Studios to provide printed materials of the best possible quality. I value their experience and trust them to suggest alternatives when they foresee a potential problem, or think there's a better way of doing something.

Brand Manager - Withers LLP

West One are not just my printer of choice but passionately guard the Withers brand as much as I do.

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